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Employees: More than 10,000

We're the tech-powered customer experience (CX) company that's creating game-changing journeys for our people and our clients and their customers.

Our people around the world have devoted their careers to ensuring every relationship is exceptional. So naturally, we're committed to creating game-changing career journeys that power our people towards greater opportunities and brighter futures. 

As a candidate, you are maybe looking for your first job, or a change in your path or a company to develop a great career. You can be in search of forever or just a while, whatever your drive, we have a place for you, and we will help you develop your knowledge and skills to help you excel at your goals. 

Find new colleagues and lifelong friends in our community of passionate game-changers. Find what you are looking for at Concentrix!  

As an employer, we are both multicultural and familiar, innovative and culturally focused, we are many and we are one (team). We want to make sure our game-changers feel happy, recognized and engaged with us and our clients. 

In short: You will be joining over 440.000 passionate game-changers across more than 70 countries that strive to enjoy every day, while making a difference for the people they help every day! And we will offer you a fun and challenging job that will allow you to develop and grow. 

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