TTS Voice Judging Project - Welsh


United Kingdom
Welsh & English
Valid through 2024-02-16

Job description

We are looking for native speakers of Welsh to work on some Audio Evaluation tasks on UHRS!

What is this task about? Easy Peasy! You just need to listen to some recordings and evaluate if the voices are clear or if there are noises, pauses, wrong pronunciation in your language, or any other issues.No experience is required.

Purpose: Like most of our projects, it is aimed to improve the functioning of AI.

Duration: We may not have tasks every day, but it is a stable one-year project. You choose how much you want to work and when, also depending on task availability.

What are the requirements?

  • You have a good internet connection. A bad network can cause breaking up in the audio stream which could make it unclear if the issue is with the font or the network connection.
  • You can complete this project from a PC or Laptop with good-quality headphones.
  • You can complete this project on a quiet environment with no background noises
  • You are native speaker of Welsh

Interested? Join our TTS project today! Simply go to our website, and do the following steps:

  1. Create your OneForma Profile through this link: https://my.oneforma.com/Account/login
  2. Go to Jobs Tab
  3. Click on Judging/Grading
  4. Apply the project: TTS Voice Judging, with your language

Questions? Contact us at anita.glod@centific.com and we'll be happy to assist you.

Look forward to meeting you in TTS project!