Women's History Month - March 2023!

March is Women's History Month: a chance to recognize and celebrate women’s accomplishments throughout history.

So, we’d like you to meet women who create a history of #Transcom.

Ashleigh's journey at Transcom began in 2022.

"I joined Transcom as a Talent Acquisition Specialist for Nearshore Spain, with a focus on improving the recruitment of Nordic, German, and Dutch speaking individuals to our awesome CX positions in Malaga & Alicante," she says.

Soon after, with the guidance of her manager, Ashleigh poured all of her energy into improving the recruitment process, and that certainly paid off in no time! "I think that what helped me the most was that my efforts were recognized, and I was quickly promoted to Team Leader!".

But great achievements come with challenges and responsibility. “One of the challenges I faced was being the only Talent Acquisition specialist with a sole focus on Nearshore recruitment. As the requests continued to grow, I struggled a little bit, so it was important to get help and expand the team.” Although being a Team Leader for the first time in her career and having to make difficult decisions, she always made sure that motivated and positive-minded people joined her team.

Throughout her career, Ashleigh has witnessed examples of bad management, which set the foundation for her to be opposite from what she's seen. "Those experiences have inspired me to be a leader that communicates well and supports my team. I want to be the person they can go to and talk to no matter what their question or concern is," she says.

What she loves most about her job are the endless opportunities it offers. “I now attend meetings with clients, give presentations to senior staff members, and I'm always being offered new challenges. It's a constant learning experience.” she says, and then adds: “Of course, working for a global company like Transcom can be overwhelming at times. But here's my advice: set your goals and boundaries, and stick to them. And if a new opportunity comes your way, weigh the pros and cons carefully. If you have the time and the skills, go for it!”