Foundever named “Company of the Year” by Frost and Sullivan

The Athens Hub played a crucial role for this recognition


The global CX leader was recognized for its visionary innovation, performance, and customer impact with its approach to hybrid working models and employee engagement. During the visit of Frost & Sullivan’s evaluation committee to the company´s delivery location, in Athens, where Foundever’s team provided best-in-class examples of strategy implementation that were decisive to the award attribution.

Athens, May 25th, 2023 – Foundever’s Greek office welcomed in its turn, the award of distinction “Company of the Year” by Frost & Sullivan.  Frost & Sullivan’s Company of the Year Award is its top honor and recognizes the market participant that exemplifies visionary innovation, market-leading performance, and unmatched customer care.

Frost & Sullivan visited the company´s delivery location in Athens, where Foundever’s team provided best-in-class examples of strategy implementation that were decisive to the award attribution. At the Athens hub, Foundever is carrying out all the top initiatives valued by the experts from Frost & Sullivan, registering very low attrition and absenteeism rates, high scores for its clients’ satisfaction, having substantial revenues, and a significant employee growth in a very competitive market.

Foundever has also proven that it is delivering on the value that high employee satisfaction has on a positive customer experience. An example of that is MAX by Foundever – or My Associate Experience –, an initiative that allows the company’s management to engage transparently with all employees in a global digital community. Within this initiative the concept of “hubs” were created, which are physical locations that build community with aesthetically pleasing workspace designs. In the Athens hub there are spaces where employees can socialize, areas for professional development, moment rooms where associates can be creative and brainstorm, and a centralized location for leaders to share best practices and learn from each other. The company’s wellness program also offers a gym and healthy food options in the cafeteria.

Athens’ hub has adopted the MAX mentality and allows remote employees to use daycare facilities when they need to come into the city, use the gym and spend some time with the personal trainer, enjoy a celebration or have a leisure activity with their colleagues. These benefits help remote employees to feel connected to the company which contributes to attract and retain top talent within strategic markets by providing the flexibility, benefits, community, up-to-date contact center technologies, and career growth capabilities that employees seek today.

Foundever in Athens is designed to protect the environment by using recycled materials and energy-efficient technology. With a large remote workforce, the company reduced 2.5K tons of CO2 per person per year. In addition, the company invests in the communities in which it is located by supporting local education and charity organizations and creating longer-term jobs for the surrounding areas.

Since its launch of the Athens venue in June 2021, the hub has grown from 35 to over 600 employees.

“We are beyond appreciative to have received this incredible honor from Frost & Sullivan,” said Olivier Camino, global COO & co-founder of Foundever. “Our focus on the employee experience–especially with our hybrid workspaces–is a testament to our belief that the employee experience is the customer experience. We’re proud to be leading the charge with innovations to provide and maintain a better company culture for our 170,000 people around the world.” 

Frost & Sullivan’s evaluation

Frost & Sullivan applies a rigorous analytical process to evaluate multiple nominees for each award category before determining the final award recipient. The process involves a detailed evaluation of best practices criteria across two dimensions for each nominated company. Foundever excels in many of the criteria in the CX Outsourcing Employee Engagement space.

All of Foundever’s employee benefits are driven by one common goal: employees’ experience is the customer’s experience. This is the reason Foundever assigns tasks that suit each employer’s skills, as in this way, customers’ needs are served immediately.

“We bestow Foundever with the 2022 Company of the Year Award in the Global CX outsourcing employee engagement industry,” said Alpa Shah, Global Vice President of CX Practice, Frost & Sullivan. “The company has strategically invested in employee engagement to tackle the industry’s long history of attrition issues. It achieved this by recognizing that work from home is here to stay, so hybrid models are imperative.” 

About Foundever™

Foundever™ is a global leader in the customer experience (CX) industry. With 170,000 associates across the globe, we’re the team behind the best experiences for +750 of the world’s leading and digital-first brands. Our innovative CX solutions, technology and expertise are designed to support operational needs for our clients and deliver a seamless experience to customers in the moments that matter.

Supporting +9 million customer conversations every day in +60 languages across 45 countries, Foundever combines global strength and scale with the agile, entrepreneurial approach of our founder-led culture, enabling companies of all sizes and industries to transform their CX. 

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