LLM Expert - Coding Domain in United Kingdom


United Kingdom
Valid through 2023-10-08

Job description

LLM Expert - Coding Domain Experience (Full-time – 6-month contract)


Are you a highly skilled Large Language Model (LLM) expert with a strong background in programming/ coding and a passion for precision in writing? Do you possess exceptional attention to detail and thrive in a flexible work environment? If so, we have an exciting opportunity for you to join Appen on a 6-month contractual agreement with a committed number of allocated hours per month agreed between both parties. 


Position Overview: 

As an LLM Expert in the coding domain, you will be responsible for contributing your expertise to enhance the accuracy and performance of our cutting-edge language models. Your role will involve fine-tuning and training LLMs to perform at the highest level and ensuring that they meet specific coding-related criteria. This position offers you the chance to work remotely or onsite, providing your expertise on a flexible basis while being called upon as needed to fulfil a set baseline of hours. 


Key Responsibilities: 

1. LLM Model Fine-Tuning: Utilize your expertise in encoding and language understanding to fine-tune existing Large Language Models for optimal performance in various coding-related tasks. 

2. Model Training and Evaluation: Conduct rigorous testing and evaluation of LLMs to identify areas for improvement and implement solutions to enhance their performance. 

3. Writing and Documentation: Demonstrate excellent writing skills to document the fine-tuning process, methodologies, and outcomes in clear and concise reports. 

4. Quality Assurance: Maintain a meticulous approach to detail and accuracy, ensuring that LLM outputs meet the highest quality standards and adhere to coding guidelines. 

5. Collaboration: Work closely with cross-functional teams, including data scientists, engineers, and language experts, to achieve project goals and deliver outstanding results. 

6. Adaptability: Be flexible in your work hours to meet project demands and deadlines, while providing reliable support to the team. 



Coding Expertise: In-depth knowledge of coding concepts and programming languages, with a background in large language processing and LLMs. 

Excellent Writing Skills: Demonstrated ability to produce well-structured and articulate technical documentation and reports. 

Attention to Detail: Strong analytical skills and an unwavering focus on precision and accuracy. 

Flexibility: Availability to work part-time hours as agreed upon in the contractual agreement, with the ability to be called upon as needed. The position may be on-site depending on location or if agreed remote opportunity may be available. 

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Contractual Arrangement: 

This is a full-time position, operating under a contractual agreement with Appen. The contractual terms will define the set baseline of hours required per week/month, and you will be called upon as needed based on project demands. The agreement will outline the scope of the work, compensation, and other relevant terms. 


We kindly request your application if you possess the capacity to commit to a continuous 6-month engagement. It is important that you are available to be contacted by Appen on short notice, typically within a 2–3-day window. This flexibility is crucial as the nature of our projects may require your expertise at varying intervals. Furthermore, we require your assurance that you can accommodate both weekly and monthly work agreements, adapting to the frequency of incoming tasks. Your commitment to these aspects will greatly contribute to the success and smooth operation of our collaboration.