Freelance Annotators | Ireland


Valid through 2023-05-27

Job description

As an annotator, you will be responsible to determine and understand input data. A task of labeling content such as text, audio, images, and video so it can be recognized by machine learning models and used to make predictions.

Our mission is to deliver the best data solutions and expertise to developers of AI for communication, driven by our passion for innovation and our love of languages. 

Project Task:

Listen to audio files and categorize them following the provided guidelines and conventions.

• Work from home setup

• Flexible working hours

• Good earning potential

• No experience is necessary

Person Specification:

• Currently residing in Ireland

• Strong written and spoken fluency in English

• Pass the project’s qualification quiz

Help improve machine speech recognition for different languages!

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What to expect when you register: 

• Create an Appen Account 

• Choose English (Ireland) as your primary language

• Complete your profile and project registration 

Thank you and we hope to work with you soon!