Finland - Norwegian Speakers - Homebased Work - Data Entry


Valid through 2023-03-19

Job description

In this project, Appen is collecting speech data to train and develop artificial intelligence algorithms that will be used to improve speech recognition technologies.

We're looking for individuals in Finland to read and record short prompts using the Appen Mobile.

Project Description:

The task contains a total of 800 short sentences that you need to read on a screen and record. You just have to follow the sentences written, no need to create your own sentences.

• Example of a sentence that you would need to read: "Okay Alexa, I need directions to work"

• The recording will be done and uploaded through our Appen Mobile App.

Duration of Task:

Each sentence will take only 10-20 seconds. In total, for the 800 recordings, please plan 4 hours. Of course, we recommend you to do breaks and we will give you at least a week to record your session.

Project Requirements:

• Fluent speaker of Norwegian residing in Finland

• iOS devices must be iPhone 8 or newer, or Android devices that must be 2017 or newer

• Ability to record in a very quiet indoor environment, free from any background noises

If you are ready to participate in this interesting audio recording task, then let’s get started!

Apply Now: Send your CV here >

What to expect when you register:

• Create an Appen Account

• Choose Norwegian (Norway) as your primary language

• Complete your profile and project registration [5 min]

Thank you and we hope to work with you soon!