Audio Collection Task - Swedish Speakers in Norway - Remote


Valid through 2023-03-19

Job description

We're looking for individuals in Finland to read and record short prompts using the Appen Mobile.

Project Description:

The task contains a total of 800 short sentences that you need to read on a screen and record. You just have to follow the sentences written, no need to create your own sentences.

• Example of a sentence that you would need to read: "Okay Alexa, I need directions to work"

• The recording will be done and uploaded through our Appen Mobile App.

Duration of Task:

Each sentence will take only 10-20 seconds. In total, for the 800 recordings, please plan 4 hours. Of course, we recommend you to do breaks and we will give you at least a week to record your session.

Project Requirements:

• Fluent speaker of Swedish residing in Finland

• iOS devices must be iPhone 8 or newer, or Android devices that must be 2017 or newer

• Ability to record in a very quiet indoor environment, free from any background noises

If you are ready to participate in this interesting audio recording task, then let’s get started!

Apply Now: Send your CV here >

What to expect when you register:

• Create an Appen Account

• Choose Swedish (Sweden) as your primary language

• Complete your profile and project registration [5 min]

Thank you and we hope to work with you soon!